Mar 6

Sir Lazarus

Spring has arrived and I find myself uninterested in the allotment. I credit this to Dad (95) or to be more precise, Life’s Rich Tapestry. Recently the doc told Dad he was about to pop his clogs (not her exact words). It was credible – since Christmas he’d been mostly in bed complaining of stomach […]


Nov 19

Winter of my content

I love winter. Growth is slow and plants don’t bully you to water or harvest them. Strange finds emerge once the greenery has retreated. And even though I style myself as an extrovert who enjoys company, I love being on the plot when no one else is around. I persuade Mr Mandy Sutter to take […]


Sep 20

Top Plot

I like Autumn. I look forward to a long brutal winter that freezes the ground and makes gardening impossible. But the season also reminds me of a strange happening five years ago. Dad and I won first prize in our town’s In Bloom competition for best allotment. I didn’t fess up at the time and […]


Aug 13

Currant affairs

The recent heatwave has defeated many plot holders at our allotments, especially those farthest from the taps. Broad beans have gone black and onions have been overpowered by the soil turning to concrete around them. Currants and berries however, have flourished to the point where preparing them for eating or freezing feels like one of […]


Mar 23

Sir Dad

Dad has a bad leg. Perhaps that’s only to be expected when you are 94 and three quarters. In a good mood, Dad will say this himself. But struggling to walk and being dependent on others to regularly bathe and bandage ‘the rotting member’ as he calls it, hasn’t improved his incidence of good moods. […]


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