May 2

Rustic woodwork

The Reluctant Gardener has been on a woodwork course. It was great even though it turned out to be for people with mental health problems. I suppose I should have guessed when the application form asked me if the course would help me cope better with daily life. But writers are compelled to craft careful […]


Aug 24

Plum crazy

  Mr Mandy Sutter and I moved to a new plum tree last summer. The tree wasn’t the main reason for buying the house, of course – that was the greenhouse. But I digress (already). The point is, the tree has exceeded expectations and presented us with plum upon plum. My scales have registered 100lbs of […]


Mar 2

Spring is Sprung

Dad (92) is an enthusiastic custodian of old sayings and catchphrases. He inserts them into conversation with relish, no matter how irrelevant. Any mention of Spring (even the Arab Spring) prompts Ogden Nash’s ‘Spring is sprung/the grass is riz/I wonder where the boidies is?’ The word ‘infamous’ triggers Kenneth Williams’ ‘Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got […]


Jan 7

Hot bed of iniquity (or potatoes)

When a friend says she loathes January and February, it only makes me realise how much I look forward to those months, all through the dark days of November and December. As soon as Christmas is over, I start grooming Mr Mandy Sutter with talk of a fun day out. ‘How nice it will be to […]


Apr 7

Scarecrow lovers part IV

So much has happened down at the allotment since I last posted that I hardly know where to begin. The last we saw of head-scarved Harry, he was ashen-faced and coke-addled following his bodged gender reassignment. The Lady of Shallot was disembodied in the shed, dreaming of a handsome hobby-horse-boy she’d glimpsed on another plot. […]


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