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Jan 5

Velveteen Visitor

I find fresh mounds of finely churned soil every time I visit our allotment, as if a tiny phantom rotovator is on the loose.


May 23

Compost complications

Composting is a complex business. When we whipped the plastic tarp off our heap this Spring, the whole thing was as dry as a crust. To worms and beetles visiting for their winter holidays, it must have been a bitter disappointment, like arriving at a half-built hotel.


Mar 23

A good bushman

The fallen wych elm on our allotment is attracting attention. It’s close to the fence at one end, so passing male dogs can pee on it. Male men would probably like to do the same. But convention dictates that they can only eye it and ask questions. What happened to your tree?’ asks one. His […]


Oct 16

The plot pecking order

It’s unclear who’s in charge at our plot.  Officially it’s my 87-year old Dad. But I spend a lot of time down there and own all the gardening books. Mr Mandy Sutter is there so infrequently he doesn’t even dare voice opinions, especially since Dad and I are working hard this month, hoiking monstrous roots […]


Oct 3


Until recently, Dad and I haven’t used weedkiller on the allotment. There’s no real reason, just a vague prejudice against chemicals. On Dad’s side this is coupled with the idea that the plot ‘only takes an hour to clear’ and on my side that the exercise involved might make me lose weight. But after three […]


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