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Mar 23

A good bushman

The fallen wych elm on our allotment is attracting attention. It’s close to the fence at one end, so passing male dogs can pee on it. Male men would probably like to do the same. But convention dictates that they can only eye it and ask questions. What happened to your tree?’ asks one. His […]


Jul 6


Fences do funny things to people. The allotments’ back fence is uber-secure. Its mesh rectangles are too narrow for a foothold, its height sufficient to stop anyone hauling themselves up, and rules and regs stipulate no sheds near the fence to break the fall. It has all been thought out. Of course, anyone could walk […]


Jun 30

Do not cut down this tree

I am away from home for a few nights. When I leave, there are two trees on the allotment. When I come back, there are one and a half. It’s no surprise. Over the past fortnight, in every gap in conversation (and even when there hasn’t been a gap) Dad has said, ‘I’ve been thinking […]


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