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Jul 21

Velveteen Visitor

I find fresh mounds of finely churned soil every time I visit our allotment, as if a tiny phantom rotovator is on the loose.


Apr 21


A blog post from 2012 in memory of my Dad… Dad and I haven’t used weedkiller on the allotment yet. That’s because Dad thinks the plot ‘only takes an hour to clear’ and I have a vague prejudice against chemicals and an idea that all the bending and stretching involved will help me lose weight. […]


Sep 20

Top Plot

I like Autumn. I look forward to a long brutal winter that freezes the ground and makes gardening impossible. But the season also reminds me of a strange happening five years ago. Dad and I won first prize in our town’s In Bloom competition for best allotment. I didn’t fess up at the time and […]


Jun 15

The love that dare not speak its name

While gardeners are happy to emote about weeds – ‘those beautiful buttercups’ or ‘that bloody Himalayan Balsam’ – down at our allotment few voice their feelings about their own crops. Perhaps it seems taboo, like saying you have a favourite child.


Feb 28

Where there’s muck, there’s Mr Mandy Sutter

For the last few months, people down at the allotments have been talking horseshit. Along with good tools and tartan thermos flasks, they seem to swear by it. So when a chap called ‘Mr Muck’  delivers a gently steaming mountain, I make enquiries. ‘Ah, manure belongs to t’bloke int blue pick up,’ says the bee […]


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