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Apr 28

A friend in weed is a friend indeed

When I mention the allotment to friends, they often say ‘how rewarding, eating your own veg! And all that fresh air you get.’

These friends aren’t allotment-holders. The ones that are raise their eyebrows and silently clasp my shoulder to express their sympathy at this difficult time of year.


Oct 3


Until recently, Dad and I haven’t used weedkiller on the allotment. There’s no real reason, just a vague prejudice against chemicals. On Dad’s side this is coupled with the idea that the plot ‘only takes an hour to clear’ and on my side that the exercise involved might make me lose weight. But after three […]


Jun 16

Very overgrown

My Dad rings up. ‘I’ve been offered an allotment,’ he says. ‘After all these years!’ ‘Only one snag,’ he says. ‘It’s newly reclaimed land, not been cultivated for ten years or more. Very overgrown.’ I’m glad he views this as the only snag. He’s 87, has sciatica and a heart problem and has recently damaged […]


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