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Nov 19

Winter of my content

I love winter. Growth is slow and plants don’t bully you to water or harvest them. Strange finds emerge once the greenery has retreated. And even though I style myself as an extrovert who enjoys company, I love being on the plot when no one else is around. I persuade Mr Mandy Sutter to take […]


Jan 7

Hot bed of iniquity (or potatoes)

When a friend says she loathes January and February, it only makes me realise how much I look forward to those months, all through the dark days of November and December. As soon as Christmas is over, I start grooming Mr Mandy Sutter with talk of a fun day out. ‘How nice it will be to […]


Dec 6

A turnip for the books

On winter days, there’s no finer sight than that of one’s child eating  homegrown vegetables. I say this even though my child is a child-substitute, is hairy and will eat almost anything, taking the big bits through to the sitting room to eat on the rug. No, I’m not talking about Mr Mandy Sutter. I’m […]


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