Sleep stories for adults and children

I’ve recently joined the teaching cohort at Insight Timer, the world’s number one app for sleep, relaxation and meditation.

I’ve loved the app for a long time, ever since its inception in fact, in Australia in 2009.

Screenshot of the InsightTimer home page

I’ve watched it go from strength to strength and have always admired its ethos of making meditation accessible to as many people as possible by keeping itself, and most of its content, free.

More recently, a ‘bedtime tales’ section has opened. I am a big fan! A devotee of the afternoon nap, I find that the gentle focus needed to listen to a story switches my attention away from my racing thoughts and allows me to drift off to sleep in no time.

It was probably inevitable that I’d want to start contributing to it. My degree was in English Literature and I quickly realised that some of the classic texts I studied at York University would make excellent bedtime stories.

I began with Alice in Wonderland, broken up into two-chapter sections, quickly followed by Diary of a Nobody and interspersed with various stand-alone stories, such as the wonderful ‘The Light Princess,’ by George MacDonald.

I upload a new track there every week and sometimes more than one, as I absolutely love bringing old classics to light for new and returning audiences. I’m also enjoying hunting down forgotten stories that people may not have heard before.

Please look for me on the app, which is free to download at as well as the relevant app store for your phone or tablet.

I’m part of a cohort of 17,000 teachers, and my stories are part of a library of over 170K guided meditations, stories and talks.  Do visit us soon!