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Apr 14

Ted the Shed

A blog post from 2010 in memory of my Dad:  Dad rings one morning. ‘We need somewhere to keep our tools,’ he announces. ‘Stop ’em getting pinched. Somewhere for when it rains, so we can sit and watch all the other buggers get soaked.’ His robust view startles me but a quick search on the […]


Mar 31

Home-made tools

A highlight from my blog about Dad’s allotment, in which he makes his own teeth… Dad is right about the blackcurrant bushes. I slash through the nettle jungle with a bill hook, a vicious thing I bought at the local tool shop. My hands tingle and throb despite my new gardening gauntlets – even my […]


Mar 24

Quids In

Given everyone’s situation this Spring and in memory of my Dad, I’m re-publishing the story of his allotment, starting at the beginning, ten years ago. I hope you enjoy it. With love, MS… Dad rings. ‘I’ve been offered an allotment,’ he says. ‘After all this time!’ He put his name on the waiting list six […]


Aug 9

Dad’s Shed

Dad’s shed has a new roof. He would turn in his grave to think I’d paid someone £75 to work on a shed that only cost him £99 in the first place and which he erected alone, ignoring Mr MS’s nervous offers of help. Not that Dad is in his grave. He has just celebrated/endured […]


Nov 19

Winter of my content

I love winter. Growth is slow and plants don’t bully you to water or harvest them. Strange finds emerge once the greenery has retreated. And even though I style myself as an extrovert who enjoys company, I love being on the plot when no one else is around. I persuade Mr Mandy Sutter to take […]


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