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Apr 14

Ted the Shed

A blog post from 2010 in memory of my Dad:  Dad rings one morning. ‘We need somewhere to keep our tools,’ he announces. ‘Stop ’em getting pinched. Somewhere for when it rains, so we can sit and watch all the other buggers get soaked.’ His robust view startles me but a quick search on the […]


Nov 19

Winter of my content

I love winter. Growth is slow and plants don’t bully you to water or harvest them. Strange finds emerge once the greenery has retreated. And even though I style myself as an extrovert who enjoys company, I love being on the plot when no one else is around. I persuade Mr Mandy Sutter to take […]


Oct 16

The plot pecking order

It’s unclear who’s in charge at our plot.  Officially it’s my 87-year old Dad. But I spend a lot of time down there and own all the gardening books. Mr Mandy Sutter is there so infrequently he doesn’t even dare voice opinions, especially since Dad and I are working hard this month, hoiking monstrous roots […]