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May 19

A good bushman

In memory of my Dad…  A fallen wych elm on our plot is attracting attention. It’s close enough to the fence for passing male dogs to pee on. Passing male men would probably like to do the same but convention dictates that they can only eye it and ask questions. What happened to your tree?’ […]


Apr 7

Do not cut down this tree

An excerpt from my blog about the highs and lows of sharing an allotment with my Dad… I am away for a night. When I leave, there are two trees on the allotment. When I come back, there are one and a half. It’s no surprise. Last week, in every gap in conversation (and even […]


Mar 24

Quids In

Given everyone’s situation this Spring and in memory of my Dad, I’m re-publishing the story of his allotment, starting at the beginning, ten years ago. I hope you enjoy it. With love, MS… Dad rings. ‘I’ve been offered an allotment,’ he says. ‘After all this time!’ He put his name on the waiting list six […]


Jan 10

High winds

It’s often windy up here in Yorkshire, but one night the blustering in our attic bedroom gets so bad it’s impossible to sleep.


Aug 16

Might drop dead tomorrow

An allotment regulation has been sticking in Dad’s craw.  Clause 11.2 says that tenancy ends ‘on 1 January in the year next after the death of the Tenant.’ ‘Well, I’ll probably stagger on till the end of the year,’ he said as we sat looking at the contract back in June. ‘It’s still worth going […]


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