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Jul 14

The carp

Composting is a complex business. When we whipped the plastic tarp off our heap this Spring, the whole thing was as dry as a crust. To worms and beetles visiting for their winter holidays, it must have been a bitter disappointment, like arriving at a half-built hotel.


Jan 7

Hot bed of iniquity (or potatoes)

When a friend says she loathes January and February, it only makes me realise how much I look forward to those months, all through the dark days of November and December. As soon as Christmas is over, I start grooming Mr Mandy Sutter with talk of a fun day out. ‘How nice it will be to […]


Apr 1

The new wheelbarrow

Mr Mandy Sutter and I are proud parents for the second time.

I refer not to Dog MS, our first born, but to the wheelbarrow that was delivered safely last week. Mother and barrow are doing fine.


Feb 28

Where there’s muck, there’s Mr Mandy Sutter

For the last few months, people down at the allotments have been talking horseshit. Along with good tools and tartan thermos flasks, they seem to swear by it. So when a chap called ‘Mr Muck’  delivers a gently steaming mountain, I make enquiries. ‘Ah, manure belongs to t’bloke int blue pick up,’ says the bee […]


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