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Nov 21

The flood

Our allotment is six feet from a river that Wikipedia describes as ‘the most volatile and fast-rising river in the World’.  Wikipedia can be unreliable, and spelling ‘world’ with a capital ‘W’ doesn’t inspire confidence, but it’s true the Wharfe can rise and fall in minutes, sweeping people off stepping stones and (perhaps) flooding allotments. […]


Oct 16

The plot pecking order

It’s unclear who’s in charge at our plot.  Officially it’s my 87-year old Dad. But I spend a lot of time down there and own all the gardening books. Mr Mandy Sutter is there so infrequently he doesn’t even dare voice opinions, especially since Dad and I are working hard this month, hoiking monstrous roots […]


Sep 14

A heck of a lot of space

Back in June, when my 87-year-old Dad got his allotment, we were already at the fag end of the growing season. By the time letters about cutting down trees had been sent and answered; by the time the shed was up and customised with little shelves and toolracks, it was even later. Neighbouring newbie allotmenteers […]


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